About and Acknowledgements


About and Acknowledgements

February 2012.

The ‘Copy Rights and Wrongs' Project

 The ‘Copy Rights and Wrongs' project was initiated by the National Education Network (NEN) Content Group stimulated by the observations and queries of thousands of teachers during curriculum and resource development projects over the last two decades of digital working in schools.

The NEN View of Copyright

 Digital technologies have had a profound impact on learning and teaching in schools and today pupils and teachers are not only ‘consumers’ of copyright materials but also 're-users', 'distributors' and 'creators' of them. The NEN believes that it is important that the needs of students, pupils, teachers and school communities to work together, share materials and collaborate - in their own communities and online to other parts of  the UK and to other countries - is not impeeded by the impenetrable thickets of current regulation and practice or the unreasonable risks of copyright infringement, but rather supported by a newly defined 'education use' framework for the UK that would promote innovation and creativity, respect for the work of others, develop knowledge and research and, as the learners of today are the employees and employers of the future, support economic growth. 

 The 'Exceptions' currently available to schools through the CPDA need to be extended to encompass all media and extended to cover shared learning and the interactive practice between teacher and classes, at least within school locations - virtual and physical - and with the home. This would simplify the situation for all concerned, encourage engagement with copyright and intellectual property and provide an ethical basis from which schools can effectively fufill their 21st century curriculum aspirations as well as teaching how copyright works for the creator, the consumer and the re-user for the home, leisure, work and in the wider public sphere. 

 The NEN has responded to national consultations in the UK about the development of Intellectual Property and Copyright since the Gowers Review of 2006. Read the NEN Response to the Hargreaves Review of 2011.

The Website

 The Copy Rights and Wrongs' website - www.copyrightsandwrongs.nen.gov.uk - is an outcome of this work and presents the situation as it is for pupils, teachers and schools in the UK.

 The NEN has taken every care to ascertain the accuracy of the information provided.

 The resources in the website are for general guidance only and are not, and are not intended to be, legal advice.

 The NEN does not accept responsibility or liability for information provided by 'third party' websites and services.

 NEN reserves the right to change the content of the website without prior notice. Some changes to current UK regulation are expected in the next few years. New materials and major changes will be described in the News section.

 NEN would like to thank the following for developing the website and it's materials:

  • LTS (Scotland) for their management support for the project.
  • Jim Henderson of LTS for the initiating project management and design.
  • Marshall Mateer for the research and the writing.
  • Atticmedia who designed the Website based an open source resource ‘Joomla’
  • E2BN who host the website on behalf of the NEN
  • Philip Belcher of Northern Grid for website support.
  • John Hackett of E2BN for server support.


 NEN would also like to thank the many organisations who have provided information during the NEN project. Materials used from these or other organisations in the website itself are separately acknowledged.

  • The UK IP Office
  • SCA (JISC) and the 'IPR Toolkit' team
  • CLA, CEFM, ERA, NLA and PRS for Music - the schools licensing organisations
  • Creative Commons USA and Creative Commons UK
  • Wikimedia UK and Wikipedia USA
  • The EU EdReNe project for stimulating the exchange of European practice
  • European Schoolnet
  • National Archives - Education and Outreach
  • JISC Legal
  • JANET and Andrew Cormack
  • Becta
  • Audio Network PLC
  • Film Education
  • Radiowaves and NuMu


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