Question: Can we record a satellite broadcast for playback in school?

Answer: Yes. The ERA licence will cover many of the programmes that are broadcast by satellite channels and may also cover copyright holders who contributing to other programmes. In the event that a programme is not coverd by the ERA licence the CDPA 1988 makes an exception permitting those programmes to be recorded and played within school for education to the same rules as ERA use.  This applies to satellite programmes broadcast from the UK. See also Module 2 Licensing, Unit 3.   and ERA

Question: Can teachers “rip” music files from a CD to store on the school network for use in lessons.

Answer: No. Assuming the music is in copyright then the answer is a straight “No” – unless or until permission to use the tracks has been obtained. “Ripping” the music files, storing the music on a network open to other people and distributing the files could all be infringing acts.  This answer assumes that the music is not accompanied by a licence or terms and conditions granting permissions for re-use, in which case you could use the files within the limitations described.

Question: I have been looking at a virtual reality community for education where people share resources. Can an avatar claim copyright?

Answer: No. But the person who developed the code for it (the avatar owner) does have the copyright.

Question: Can pupils play music on a podcast?

Answer: Depends. And it’s the same for staff as for pupils. If the music is pre-corded and it is in the public domain or you have recorded it with permissions or composed it then go ahead. If you are thinking of playing music in copyright like most CDs or performing well-known music then only if you obtain a PRS for music online licence if its recorded or check with the MMA if its performance. See See also Licensing Module 2 Unit 3.