Other Countries

Assume that other countries have similar 'copyright rules' to the UK - but don't assume they'll be exactly the same!

Many other countries have copyright guidance initiatives for their schools.


European Schoolnet and Learning Resource Exchange for Schools

European Schoolnet federates thousands of learning resources from Ministries of Education in Europe (mainly with Creative Commons licences) and includes content from other providers of open educational resources in its Learning Resource Exchange service for schools.

Schoolnet http://www.eun.org/web/guest/home
Learning Resource Exchange http://lreforschools.eun.org/web/guest/home

EdReNe was an EU project about managing education resources. It produced this report on ‘Rights Issues’; EdReNe 2009. Download as a pdf.

 EdReNe 'Rights Issues'  http://edrene.org/results/deliverables/EdReNeD6.3TSR_Rights_Issues.pdf



'Smartcopying' The official guide to Copyright Issues for Australian Schools.

 'Smartcopying' www.smartcopying.edu.au/



United States of America

‘Teaching Copyright’ is by the ‘copyleft ‘advocacy group EFF,  includes lesson material, use of Creative Commons and a wide range of resources.  http://www.teachingcopyright.org/   


 'Copyright Kids' is by the Copyright Society of USA explains USA regulation and law, including ‘fair use’.  http://www.copyrightkids.org/




‘Check the Source’ gives advice for schools on searching for, evaluating and using resources in learning. Part of the ‘Kolla Källan’ website and The Swedish National Agency for Education. - The link is to the English version of the website:
‘Check the Source’




 Lo-recht Germany’s copyright support for education.
 Lo-recht  http://www.lehrer-online.de/recht.php


Hong Kong

IP Kids is a bright interactive awareness raiser from the Hong Kong IP Dept. with games, quizzes and Teacher Notes.
 IP Kids  http://www.ip-kids.gov.hk/


New Zealand

New Zealand Copyright Council has an education section with links to number of initiatives and downloadable information about regulation in NZ.



South Africa  

Copyright & Education' is a comprehensive guidance site for education and learning - schools, colleges and universities in South Africa - written and collated by Shihaam Donnelly. All the material is under Creative Commons 2.5 BY licence, so very re-usable, (though mind out for third party resources with their own copyrights that crop up occasionally.)   http://education-copyright.org/about/  


United Kingdom

Copyrights and Wrongs covers UK IP regulation and provides guidance on copyright and related matters in the digital age for schools in the UK.  www.copyrightsandwrongs.nen.gov.uk