Other UK Resources

Some resources about UK copyright

 There is a lot of material about if you search 'copyright', 'learning about copyright', on the web - of various depth and quality - not all of course for schools and not all UK specific in it's references or assumptions in relation to law, regulation and practice. 

'Copy Rights and Wrongs' Copyright for Schools - from the National Education Network.
Copy Rights and Wrongs - http://www.copyrightsandwrongs.nen.gov.uk  

 During the 'Copy Rights and Wrongs' project we found the following resources very helpful. Some are made for schools. Some are made for the Higher and Further Education sector so aren't written with schools in mind. In some cases the materials need to be be 'translated' for the school situation with students under 18 years of age and the legal entity of schools, often an LA in mind. 


Other UK Resources

UK IP Office

 The UK Intellectual Property Office, or IPO, is the first stop for core information about Intellectual Property, including 'Copyright' in the UK. It covers the full spectrum of IPR: Patents, Copyrights, Design Rights and Trademarks.   UK IP Office www.ipo.gov.uk 
 The IP Armour Game explains the different aspects of Intellectual Property: patents, copyright, trademarks, etc.  It is an online interactive game and suitable for pupils and workforce training - a quick and engaging way to raise awareness aboit the categories within the IP family.  IP Armour Game 
 'IP explained', An introduction by the UK IP Office. 
Download as a pdf. Crown copyright, May 2010 at ...  http://www.ipo.gov.uk/myip.pdf 
Think Kit', by the UK IP Office, is a very full set of free resources available as pdfs with projects for 14 - 16 year olds - though suitable for other ages with a bit of further 'support' - covering Design, Technology, Science, Music, Art, etc. The support materials for teachers include summaries of copyright, design rights and patents  and case studies. Excellent for CPD work.  Download as pdfs from the UK IP Office website: Think Kit


Film Education

Film Education  http://www.filmeducation.org/   Film Education has worked extensively with
the motion picture industry to develop curriculum resources about copyright
and film, including:
 Switched On: an educational learning resource for students aged 11-18 with a range of activities suitable for exploring social, financial, legal and ethical issues around the use of ICT.
 Be Creative: an annual production competition for 11-18 year olds encouraging young people to respect the UK film and TV industries and make the positive decision to choose official film and TV.
 Coming Soon? Taking film and cinema as its focus, Coming Soon? explores how intellectual property and copyright are needed to support creativity and innovation. This site provides a taste of the interactive educational
DVD-ROM resource for primary schools along with an order form for your school's free copy.


Audio Network Schools Licence

The Audionetwork Schools Licence provides schools in the UK connected to the National Education Network (NEN) online access to a vast library of music tracks composed and recorded for media production across all platforms. Schools have an education licence giving them creative/education use within their locations - physical and virtual. Additional licences are easily available for wider distribution - limited DVD/CD production, podcasting, etc. - of work produced. The guidance on the Audio Network Schools website providers a good introduction to music copyright and licensing with the advantage of being linked to a usable catalogue of a wide range of music types downloadable in formats and versions to suit the flexibility required by those making presentations, films, dance performance, etc. 

 NEN users, see Audio Network Schools https://www.audionetwork.nen.gov.uk


Creative Commons

'Sharing Creative Works' is an 'e-comic' and is a good 'Creative Commons for Beginners' resource - pupils or teachers. Made in the USA for CC it is published into the Public Domain - so you can use, transfer, translate or re-purpose it as you wish. It has one USA reference - the small print on slide/page 12 - but only as an example - UK users could add 'in the UK 'fair dealing' if they wished. It was made by Alex Roberts, Rebecca Rojer and Jon Phillips.
Download as a pdf 'Sharing Creative Works' (BTW. There's also a couple of versions on 'You Tube' with sound narration.)


Kent Local Authority and NEN - e-safety and using social media

How pupils, teachers and schools manage copyright of their own materials and of contributing their own and other people's materials to web services is a dimension of e-safety and digital literacy. Awareness of the issues and risks of the on-line world are set out in Kent Local Authority's guidance document: 'Using Social Media and Technology in Educational Settings', an example of Local Authority guidance to schools.

 Kent Local Authority's guidance document: 'Using Social Media and Technology in Educational Settings'  http://www.kenttrustweb.org.uk//Children/safeguards_esafety.cfm

 The National Education Network (NEN) has materials about e-safety in the UK for schools and education networks See www.nen.gov.uk



SCA Intellectual Property Rights toolkit.

First stop after ‘Copy Rights and Wrongs’ for managing copyright for e-learning resources. The ‘Toolkit’ is a comprehensive set of pdf documents written for public sector use on managing IPR, the clearance of rights and creating ‘paperwork’ for due diligence. They are much used in Higher Education and Museum sector and also libraries, archives and in the NHS.

Useful resources for those in school sector who have to manage 'Copyright' for a whole school or for a major resource development project. As they are made to suit the public sector in general they might support projects that includes a school with other partners.

The download documents have CC licences allowing them to be re-purposed to individual need - just make your changes you want and then give an acknowledgement ot the IPR Toolkit and keep the same CC licence that was with the original . 'Copy Rights and Wrongs' has used several of the templates to provide download pdfs for school use.

 See SCA IPR Toolkit Downloads http://www.jisc.ac.uk/publications/programmerelated/2009/scaiprtoolkit.aspx#downloads

IPR Toolkit - Navigation Map.  A flow chart dealing with using and creating content and taking a user through the whole process on a ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘don’t know’ basis. Available as a pdf it has a Creative Commons BY-ND 2.0 UK licence; you can copy it with acknowledgement but not make changes to it. That means you can print it (A3 is good); show it through a data projector or IWB to a group or view online. Excellent awraeness raiser.

 View on line and download as a pdf.



Provides a variety of resources for the HE and FE sector.

Web2Rights online animations are based on FE/HE scenarios – a lecturer, a student and a virtual environment project - but the issues are the same for schools so it might be a useful and the questions at the end would make a good talking point. The animation links to the … 


 W2Rights  ‘IPR Diagnostic Tool’  http://www.web2rights.org.uk/

Further resources based on the IPR Toolkit, including videos discussing copyright and licensing issues in the creation of Open Education Resources (OER)

 W2Rights OER IPR support. OER =? Open Education Resources using CC licences. www.web2rights.com/OERIPRSupport   

 W2Rights IPR and Licensing. IPR = Intellectual Property Rights and includes Copyright. Series of videos and download pdfs to help anyone in the public sector. Uses BY-SA CC licences. This is a very 'neat' set of materials and could be used for DIY learning/preparation at home as well as 'collective' CPD sessions. http://www.web2rights.com/SCAIPRModule/index.html


The Copyright Toolkit

The Copyright Toolkit was put together to address the needs of those whose job involves clearances of third-party materials within a HE and OU context in 2007. It's approach and layout - awareness rasining activities, some scenario videos and an adaptable template for Rights Clearance (permissions) may be useful to schools, CPD and those creating banks of resources for continuing use. The section on Copyright Legal provides a detailed and helpful introduction to the CPDA (The UK's Copyright Act).

 Copyright Toolkit  http://copyrighttoolkit.com/index.html    



JISC Casper

Interactive tool for Colleges and Schools made by JISC Collections "to help teachers and schools understand rights related issues". 

 JISC CASPER    http://jisc-casper.org/public_repository/schools.html


JISC Digital Media

This JISC project has two very helpful website reources.

 JISC Digital Media Help on working with digital media - still and moving images and audio - (a lot of this would suit older pupils and students and interested teachers)  http://www.jiscdigitalmedia.ac.uk/  

 Image Searching Finding copyright OK materials on the Internet - interactive tutorial.  http://www.vtstutorials.ac.uk/tutorial/imagesearching/


Rights organisations

In the UK there are many organisations who support the rights of authors, creators and consumers. Most of those selected below have links to other organisations on their websites. As well as providng detailed information about aspects of Copyright and Intellectual Property these sites will help the investigation of issues for curriculum work.


 ACL protecting and promoting author's rights www.alcs.co.uk

 CRA Creators' Rights Alliance  Creators - particularly, television, radio and the press. http://www.creatorsrights.org.uk/ 

 ORG - Campaigning for rights in the digital age  http://www.openrightsgroup.org/index 

 CONSUMER FOCUS - fair deal for consumers  http://www.consumerfocus.org.uk/ 

FACT  Federation Against Copyright theft - film and broadcasting   http://www.fact-uk.org.uk/




 Resources for schools from other countries