Copyright and Learning

Copyright is about the growth of knowledge and the development of ideas so it should support 'Teaching and Learning'. 

 But first the bad news. There is no catch-all that suspends copyright just because we are working in schools and it's education.

 The main allowances for schools to use some in-copyright materials in the UK are set out in the Copyright Designs and Patents Act and are called "exceptions".  

 The second main area to make life easier in schools is through licencing: commercial licences to use software and respurces and subsxcriptions to Blanket Licences to allow some copying, recordonmg of programmes and playing of pre-recored music.

 There is also a wealth of materials made available through "open licences", including "open source".

 There is also a huge amonut of material that is in the "public domain" and not subject to copyright.

 Many museums, libraries, archives, galleries and education organisation make material available for education use even though it is 'in copyright' .


   'Copyrights and Wrongs' spells out the detail on these different aspects for schools in: 



 School and Copyright