UK Copyright Law has changed and it has affected ALL 'THE EDUCATION LICENCES' FOR SCHOOLS.

The Education Licences from, for instance, CLA and ERA. The licences have developed to encompass digital copying - for instance ERA now covers 'on-demand' broadcast services. The new licences now cover working in authenticated environments such as VLE.

In England the DFE have made arrangements to pay for some of the core licences, such as CLA and ERA, centrally for three years for 'maintained schools'. Schools in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales should check the latest position with their own Education Services

Download summary of the new Licences and the DFE arrangements. This document provides an introduction and useful links to the Education Licence changes for all schools in the UK.

Changes to Education Licences for Schools. 2014

NB. The detail on the CRW site has not yet been fully updated to reflect the changes, though the approaches to good practice and principles remain the same.

This update June and October 2014.


Licences depend on copyright.

Licences grant permissions to use software, services or resources and are provided, usually as a contract, by an owner, a supplier or a ‘collecting society’. They can be commercial or free of any charges. They can last 'for ever' or for a set period of time.

Licences are the small print on websites, software and in contracts that is often skimmed over or ignored though they set out exactly what you can and can’t do with the resources - usually called the 'Terms and Conditions'.

The impact of digital technology has greatly affected all types of licences and they are continually developing to keep up with the new technologies and the demands of teaching and learning.

A licence obtained by one school does not necessarily allow students or teachers to share the resources with another school or a college. Some licences and services allow schools with the same licence to share reources between them.

Further Education, Higher Education, Continuing and Adult Education and Libraries may have similar licences to schools for some products and services – however, though you both may have the same sounding licence, it cannot be assumed that they have exactly the same terms and conditions of use and that, therefore, sharing licenced resources between institutions is OK - at least without some checking first.

Next Steps

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Collecting Societies Licences for schools: ERA, CLA, PRS, NLA, etc.

Commercial Supplier Licences

Open Licences

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On-line Licensing

and for a bit more help:

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