Open Government Licence

Open Government Licence

The Open Government Licence or OGL is designed to encourage public sector information holders (not personal data of course) to make their information available for use and re-use without indivduals or orginisations, including schools, having to ask for permission.

The OGL is developed from the Tim Berners-Lee backed 'Open Data' initiative. It covers open data from public sector sources such as The National Archives. It is compatible with Creative Commons (CC) and Open Data Commons (ODC) but whereas CC covers copyright and ODC covers database rights the OGL covers both in one licence and is UK wide. It requries re-users to acknowledge the source and add the link to an online description of the licence. OGL will also cover crown copyright materials and a wide range of data from government and public sector sources in the UK. It does not cover Public Domain materials or a situation where copyright has expired. It does cover open source code originated by the Crown but doesn't supercede code developed from code already subject to another open source licence.

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