Project Working

 If you are working on a big project - something that is undertaken with clear objectives over a period of time then managing copyright should be included at the earliest stage of planning, particularly if the work involves a group of people and the outcome is to be widely shared.

 BTW, this applies to students, school projects, a teacher making their own resources or a funded project involving school partners.

The more formal and public the publication and distribution, the more care with copyright will need to be taken.


 Key areas to think about:

  • What format are you using to assemble the work? Pen and paper; document; 'powerpoint'; film, recording, etc.
  • Who will see the work? you and your teacher? your class? an examiner? the whole year? the whole school? the whole world?
  • Will it be kept for the school year or for much longer?
  • Will it be stored on the school network? the school VLE? or will it be shown beyond the school?
  • Have you permission to use the materials you are using?
  • How much will general 'Personal Study' - quotations, references, etc cover it?
  • Have you acknowledged the creator and source of the materials you use or quote from?
  • Have you misused or misrepresented other people’s work - moral rights, derogatory use, defamation, plagiarism, etc.
  • What copyright will you put on the work you create?



 If it's a.long term project you may have time to request permissons and time to get a reply. You should also have time to think of Plan B if they say 'No!'. For lots more on this subject see Section 4 - Permissions and Publishing